Feb 21

Chapel-MaryKate Morse

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Dr. MaryKate Morse serves as the lead mentor for the Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin track. As lead mentor, Dr. Morse designs the content for all four semesters, leads the four F2F Retreats, and facilitates the online learning experiences.

MaryKate is the Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. She began her ministry living in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia and Peru doing evangelism, theological education by extension, and social projects with the Aymará Indians. Upon return, she studied spiritual formation and direction, was certified as a spiritual director, and was recorded as a pastor with the Evangelical Friends. She completed a Masters in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity with Western Evangelical Seminary.

MaryKate then completed her doctorate at Gonzaga University where she studied the characteristics of renewal leadership as modeled by Jesus. She planted two churches, the first was a contemporary church model lead by herself and two other pastors. The second was an emerging church model, where she led a diverse leadership team.

She has taught at the Seminary for 28 years in the fields of New Testament Greek, various spiritual formation courses, and leadership and organizational change courses. She also designed several of the Seminary programs and served in various administrative positions at the university including Seminary Associate Dean, Director of Hybrid programs, and University Director of Strategic Planning.

Besides serving at the Seminary, she is currently a spiritual director and leadership mentor and coach, conference and retreat speaker, and author including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence and A Guidebook to Prayer, as well as various other chapters and writing projects.

Feb 28

Chapel-Chris Heuertz

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Chris Heuertz is an author, speaker, Enneagram coach, non-profit consultant, and anti-human trafficking activist.

He is a contemplative activist, ecclesial provocateur, curator of unlikely friendships, instigator for good, witness to hope, and clergy for common people.

Mar 7

Chapel-Katnis Simmons

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Kantis Simmons is a highly requested Keynote Speaker, Author and Leading Authority on School Success and STEM Education.

For the last 13 years, his mission has been to forestall the academic failure epidemic and STEM career decline sweeping across America’s schools and colleges.

With more than 25 years in school, 3 advanced scientific degrees, and more than a decade of working in the lab solving scientific problems for Mobil Chemical, NASA and CIBA Vision, today he travels the world solving the problems of students, parents, educators, schools, and colleges by delivering speeches, creating courses, and writing books.

Born with a birth defect, audiences readily respond when Kantis shares his humorous and proven 7.25 Finger Secrets on academic success, college readiness, teacher motivation and STEM education.

Mar 21

Chapel-Poor Bishop Hooper-The Golgatha Experince

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Weaving a patchwork of melodies atop an upright bass and a guitar, Poor Bishop Hooper began as a duo. As their love for one another and for the Lord increased, they were called to further steward their gifts for God’s glory, and in increasingly unique ways. Though they still often perform simple tunes in simple places, a vibrant musical ministry has developed around them. It ranges from full band, heavy mood moments like that in the Golgotha Experience, to string and vocal laden scores like that in Firstborn. They’ve performed for thousands around the country, in the largest of concert halls to the smallest of living rooms. They’ve been commissioned to write music by distinguished art museums, underground ministries, and independent artists. Their hearts for the Creator and the endless and bountiful inspiration he provides are ever growing. In turn, their creative projects follow his leading.