Online MBA Degree

The Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is the most popular and recognized of all graduate degrees. The program continues to meet the mission of Friends University of providing the opportunity for high-quality learning and in a delivery mode that is appropriate and varied to a diverse population of students.

The online MBA program is a professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership positions in business. The purpose of this program is to develop students’ skills in the functional areas of profit and non-profit organizations. Degree course work is taught by professors with real-world experience who can apply the latest in technology, management techniques or business strategies that are happening today to the online classroom.

This program is approximately 24 months in length and focuses on the most functional aspects of business.

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Required Courses:
BSAD 513 Business Research Methods (3 credit hours)
MIS 510 Management Information Systems (3 credit hours)
BSAD 516 Marketing Management (3 credit hours)
BSAD 518 Financial Accounting (3 credit hours)
BSAD 520 Managerial Economics (3 credit hours)
BSAD 526 Managerial Accounting (3 credit hours)
BSAD 528 Organizational Behavior and Leadership (3 credit hours)
BSAD 601 Managerial Finance (3 credit hours)
BSAD 603 Strategic Planning (3 credit hours)
BSAD 605 Business Law (3 credit hours)
BSAD 607 International Business (3 credit hours)
OPMT 510 Operations Management (3 credit hours)

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