Masters in Health Care

The Online Master of Health Care Leadership (MHCL) is a 36-credit hour program designed to prepare students for responsible positions of professional leadership in the health care environment. The purpose of the program is to develop students’ knowledge base of the current health care environment as well as their decision-making skills within the functional areas of health care organizations.

This unique program was constructed with consideration from the region’s health care providers who reflect the leading edge trends in all aspects of the health care industry. The special MHCL Capstone Project was designed by the same industry leaders to provide graduates the confidence in an extremely competitive and ever changing industry. Although appropriate for the CEO career track, it accommodates professionals aspiring for director level positions.

The MHCL program consists of twelve, three-credit hour courses (36-credit hours total) offered in lockstep format, with each course completed sequentially as a cohort group. The entire program can be completed in approximately 24 months.

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Required Courses:
HLCL 512 Leadership Excellence (3 credit hours)
HLCL 513 Research Methods (3 credit hours)
HLCL 514 Management Information Systems in Health Care (3 credit hours)
HLCL 516 Health Care Law and Ethics (3 credit hours)
HLCL 518 Financial Management (3 credit hours)
HLCL 520 Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)
HLCL 522 Quality Management in Health Care Organizations (3 credit hours)
HLCL 524 Competitive Marketing Strategies in Health Care (3 credit hours)
HLCL 603 Strategic Planning (3 credit hours)
HLCL 605 Contemporary Issues in Aging Services (3 credit hours)
HLCL 609 Physician Practice and Joint Venture Management (3 credit hours)
HLCL 616 Research Project in Health Care (3 credit hours)

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